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Determining What Should be Refurbished As Opposed to Being Repaired

Summary: Creating standards for maintenance can go a long way for financial purposes as well as effectiveness.

Needless to say, standards should be extremely high when working with maintenance equipment such as a railroad locomotive starter. Furthermore, when it comes to the repairs of units, you’ll want take extreme caution and ensure that you establish an internal GSE program that covers all aspects of the repairs itself. This guide is designed to help you put together a rebuilding checklist for maintenance equipment that you and your team work with on a daily basis.

The Foundation

Create a metric for every piece of equipment that you want to rebuild and what you want to refurbish. Now, keep in mind that there are several differences between rebuilt units and refurbished units. You can essentially rebuild a unit if it is more than 75 percent worn out and refurbish the unit is if is less than 75 percent worn out. This way, you can differentiate the equipment that you and your mechanics have worked on.

Some of the tasks that you’ll be documenting include removing the unit wiring, replacing the engine, removing the steering linkage, replacing the bolts and nuts, checking the gauges and switch panels (and appropriately changing them if necessary), replacing the seals and bearings on the rear end, and visually inspecting each aspect of each item. Yes, it’s a time-consuming process to perform this, but when it comes to a gas turbine start up unit, you’ll want to ensure that it’s running at maximum output before its allocated to a specific plane.

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