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Promote health smoothly avoiding negative impacts with Advanced PCT

The use of health supplements is quite common among the modern day individuals. Indeed, it brings them massive benefits in the due course of time but after the completion of the cycle it might affect the health. The Advanced PCT is a powerful product that minmimalizes the negative impacts and helps in promoting health by following the cycle. It comprises of four powerful components - Tribulus Terrestris (90% saponins), Saw Palmetto, 7-Methoxyflavone. The administration of the product brings in various health benefits.

Components consisted of the Advanced PCT product

When taken solely these components can bestow great results but due to their unique properties, these are combined together. The details of these components are discussed here:

Tribulus Terrestris (90% saponins)

Tribulus Terrestris (90% saponins) also known as puncture vine is a plant that holds some unique properties for enhancing muscle strength and physical fitness. This is well-known for its aphrodisiac properties and is considered as one of the best products for transforming physique miraculously. Even the sports personalities recommend it for increasing their level of stamina, bulking up muscles, and enhancing endurance. This component comprises of an element called protodioscine that gets converted into dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) when administered. It elevates the level of DHEA in the bloodstream, thereby, elevating the efficiency of training.

Saw Palmetto

The extracts of Saw Palmetto are used for the treatment of some medical conditions. Besides that, it also possesses the property of prohibiting the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It can boost the level of androgens in the body, thereby, reducing the process of conversion. This leads to decreasing some of the side-effects associated with DHT. Another popular name of the component is Serenoa Repens. The proper administration of the component will make the users experience a boost in the level of testosterone. This leads to muscle growth, increase in stamina, performance and energy levels.


7-Methoxyflavone is another component of Advanced PCT that is well-known for its powerful aromatose inhibition and testosterone boosting property. This is a natural substance along with being a non-steroidal compound. This is also called with another name i.e., Flavone and has its chemical name as 7-methoxy-2-phenyl-4H-chromen-4-one. As it’s an aromatose inhibitor, it reversibly binds with aromatase an enzyme that plays the key role in producing estrogen.This reduces the negative impact that can cause due to aromatizing into estrogen. It is also an element for boosting the level of testosterone in men. This leads to the development of lean muscle mass with high energy levels.

The positive impact of the substance on bodybuilders

All these components made available in the PCT product holds some unique properties. Altogether they can bestow dynamic benefits even to the professional bodybuilders in getting a winning edge in their competition. Bodybuilders are likely to experience a reduction of excess fat from the body, increasing muscle gain, and also strengthening of bones. These are some of the essential attributes required in their field of sports. For attaining the best results from it, the consultation of experts is highly recommended.

Product Details
Content 400mg/caps (90caps.) 200 mg Tribulus Terrestris (90% saponins), 150 mg Saw Palmetto, 50mg 7-Methoxyflavone
Dosage 4-6 capsules daily during PCT Lenght : 1 month

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