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Everything You Need to Know about the Epistane

Most the bodybuilders and weightlifters have heard about the Epistane at some point in their career. But, what actually is the Epistane? You are going to find out the full details about this amazing fat cutting supplement in here. This substance has an amazing ability in enhancing various aspects of the human body. The chemical name of this substance is 2a,3a-epithio-17a-methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol. It is a prohormone that is mostly used for the cutting purposes by the bodybuilders and weightlifters.

Technical information on the Epistane

Epistane is commonly known as the “Epi” in the business world. It is a type of prohormone derived from the dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It has a similar feature to the epitiostanol. This supplement melts at a temperature of 130.7 degrees Celsius. This substance has the ability to convert into the Phera-Plex if it is left in storage for the longer duration of time.

The Epistane is available in oral forms. So, no need to go through the harsh procedure of injection. The working mechanism of Epistane is very simple yet effective. The Epistane, when taken orally, binds with the androgen receptors present in the muscles cell stem and skeletal muscle cells. The androgen receptors then send signals to the muscle which enhance the nitrogen retention and protein synthesis in the user’s body. So, the user gets enhanced muscle mass and stamina.

Positive effects of Epistane for bodybuilders

The Epistane helps in achieving dry and hard muscles. So, the users have the opportunity to get amazing looks within few weeks. This is what makes it best for the pre-competition period. It also helps in boosting the strength. So, the bodybuilders can do more exercises within a shorter time interval. The unwanted fat in several parts of the body is also decreased with its proper dosages. That is why always follow the recommended dosages of the experts.

Product Details
Content 15mg/caps (90caps.) Epistane - DHT (dihydrotestosterone) derivative (a,3a-epithio-17a-methyl-5a-androstan-17b-ol)
Dosage First time Epistane user, the recommended dose is 30mg daily. Intermediate Epistane user, daily dose to 45mg. (experienced users recommend taking one 15mg pill before training; cycle should be run for 4-6 weeks for optimum results). Experienced user, up to 60mg each day for 4-6 weeks.
PCT Whatever you read on internet Guys, always use proper PCT after a cycle !!! After an Epistane cycle, PCT starts 1 day after the last adminstration. We will not recommend any PCT here, as it may vary. If You have any questions Contact Us, We can help you to build up some recovery PCT based on your cycle.

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