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Develop quality muscle growth by administering Halodrol CDMA

The prohormones are highly potent health supplements possessing unique properties. The users of these products can intensify their physical features with its proper administration. Halodrol CDMA is a well-known prohormone that is synthetically derived and available in oral active form. The key component of the substance is CDMA (Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone) that’s a potent anabolic androgenic steroid. This is a 17α-alkylated product that is derived from 4-androstenediol that’s also a powerful prohormone. These are substances that are quite different to the anabolic androgenic steroids but it inhibits the properties of hormone in the body. Hence, it plays a crucial role in intensifying the quality physical attributes of the users.

The chemical name of Halodrol CDMA is 4-chloro-17α-methylandrost-1,4-diene-3β,17β-diol and its chemical structure has got a resemblance to that of Turinabol (Chloro-dehydro-methyl-testosterone). Both these health substances are low in androgenic activities and possess mild anabolic features. The basic structure of CDMA possesses a chloro group in the C4 position that does not allow for the process of aromatization. Hence, it is safe to be used by the individual’s conscious about their health.

Advantages of using Halodrol CDMA by the users

Halodrol CDMA is also known with the names of H-drol or HD is highly impactful just as the steroid Turinabol. Once administered by the users this prohormone works as an anabolic steroid for developing new muscle tissues. The process of beginning the reactions is faster as the compound is taken down throughout the body through the bloodstream into the blood cells. This leads to the enhancement of the process of protein synthesis in the body getting reacted with the muscle cells. The whole process leads to the production of protein cells in the body.

Protein forms the building blocks of new muscle tissues that bring more muscle mass and physical strength to the users. However, the administration of the health product is not enough for gaining results at a rapid speed. It has to be combined with a protein rich diet and intense workout regime. These prohormone products also render great benefits to the professional bodybuilders.

The benefits gained by the professional bodybuilders

Halodrol CDMA displays immense anabolic and androgenic properties if used in the adequate proportion. The professional bodybuilders can gain benefits of lean and dry physique without the stress of aromatization. They can attain muscle growth with the proper administration of the health product. This is used during the pre-contest period for enhancing muscle endurance and gaining faster recovery from excessive workout exhaustion. This is an ideal product for those intending in gaining muscular physique without negative estrogenic effects. However, for attaining details about its product cycle consulting experts is recommended.

Product Details
Content 30mg/caps (60caps.) Halodrol Chlorodehydromethylandrostenediol-CDMA (4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-1,4-diene-3b,17b-diol)
Dosage For bulking: A user can expect anywhere between 10 to 15 pounds of lean muscle mass during a 5-week cycle of Halodrol at a daily dose of 60mg. For recomping: A user can look forward to a reduction of 1 to 2% of body fat when he cycles with a daily dose of 60mg of Halodrol for 5 weeks. Gains of 7 to 10 pounds of muscle can also be expected. For cutting: A reduction of 2 to 4% of body fat can be expected when Halodrol is cycled with a daily dose of 60mg for 5 weeks. Gains of 3 to 5 pounds of muscle can also be anticipated during this time.
PCT Whatever you read on internet Guys, always use proper PCT after a cycle !!! After a Halodrol cycle, PCT starts 1 day after the last adminstration. We will not recommend any PCT here, as it may vary. If You have any questions Contact Us, We can help you to build up some recovery PCT based on your cycle.

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