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Simplify the process of gaining muscles with Trestolone

Prohormones are not steroids but it does possess some unique properties just like the steroidal components. These are compounds that inhibit the actions of the naturally produced hormones in the body. Trestolone is a prohormone that is highly powerful and impactful on the users. These are highly anabolic in nature and have low androgenic features. This is also referred to the names of MENT, Trest, or Trestobol in the market. This is a derivative of the powerful substance known as Nandrolone and hence, possesses some of its key features. The chemical name of the prohormone compound is 7alpha-methyl-19-nortestosterone (MENT).

Some basic information about Trestolone

Trestolone is a 19-Nor group of steroid compound that possesses the unique property of replacing the role of testosterone. Testosterone is a highly powerful hormone and replacing its actions makes this prohormone one of the potent ones available in the market. This prohormone can also be stacked with other health compounds for bestowing greater results. However, it does not get bind up with SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin). Therefore, it renders an energizing effect when the dose is taken prior to working out. The users of the product will experience result in a faster and short time.

The positive impacts of using the compound by bodybuilders

This prohormone compound is also impactful to be used by the professional bodybuilders. This compound does not get bind to SHBG nor does it get converted into estrogen. The proper administration of the products would help in bulking up muscles and also helps in building up lean muscle mass. It reduces the body fat, thereby, rendering a lean and hardened body physique and also boosts strength. Hence, the professional bodybuilders can either gain or lose muscles for attaining the desired physique. But prior to beginning the cycle for the product, consulting an expert is suggested.

Product Details
Content 20mg/caps (90caps.) Trestolone (MENT, 7 alpha-methyl-19-nortestosterone)
Dosage For beginners: Trestolone should be taken at a dosage of 40-80 mg per day for 4 weeks upon rising and before bedtime Advanced Cycle Length – 6-8 weeks. For advanced users: You may take 80 mg to 100 mg a day following these example intervals: A.M. – 20 mg Pre-workout: 20 mg to 50 mg P.M. – 20 mg
PCT Whatever you read on internet Guys, always use proper PCT after a cycle !!! After a Trestolone cycle, PCT starts 1 day after the last adminstration. We will not recommend any PCT here, as it may vary. If You have any questions Contact Us, We can help you to build up some recovery PCT based on your cycle.

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